Woman Gets Banned From Designer Store But Luckily Her Life Changes And Returns A Few Days Later

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Natalie Sørensen comes from a small village just outside the city of Bergen in Norway. Coming from a humble background she was not accustomed to the more extravagant lifestyle of Norway's capital, Oslo. Natalie had moved to Oslo in order to study law and while she was enjoying the new change in lifestyle she never expected to be so treated so rudely in one instance.

Natalie had spent most of the previous year and majority of the summer saving for her upcoming move to Oslo. Working at her family's farm she had managed to save enough to to go out shopping for a few fashion upgrades to her wardrobe.

“I was very nervous to start my first year in University and I noticed many people here in the Capital are so fashion conscious, so I thought I should buy something both practical and trendy, like a nice new designer handbag”, Natalie mentioned in her online blog.

She never expected the following incident to occur. Going to a designer store in the city centre, that she had researched online, she decided to look at a few handbag choices up close. Minding her own business she browsed the shop at her own leisure when a shop girl said I couldn't afford anything in the store and asked me to leave immediately.

“I was shocked and completely taken aback at the rude staff member. I was wearing normal clothes that I would wear any other day, but I was deemed too poor to shop at the store” said Natalie. There was a very minor confrontation when Natalie responded and the shop girl beckoned store security over and reported Natalie as being “difficult”. Natalie was removed and banned from the store but rather than making a further scene she decided to leave, embarrassed and enraged. “I felt as if I had been judged for no other reason than the way I dressed”.

Little did the shop girl know was that Natalie, an aspiring lawyer new the correct channels on how to report such an incident and filed a report with local authorities as well as write a detailed description of events on her blog. It was not long before Natalie's unjustified removal from the store had become known Oslos social circles. A few days later she received a full, handwritten apology from the store owner as well as a discount on any bag she wished as a form of apology.

Natalie added, “‘I could have had the big blow-up thing but I decided to hold my head high and accept the apology”.

Hopefully this story as raised a few morals that can be taken to use in your daily life. Don't judge a book by its cover, and always turn the other cheek. Natalie is now showing off her new designer bag in the lecture halls. Good for her! Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list for discounts and more similar stories.

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