Top 5 Animal Shelters

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Having a pet is a very special thing. Many people are finding their new best friends through adoption rather than getting them from a store. However, with so many shelters to choose from people are going to run into a few bad apples. So where does one begin in finding a shelter that is good. Take a look at five of the top animal shelters around the country that one should consider finding their new best friend:

1. Austin Pets Alive! - Texas: This group is known for coming up with creative solutions that have led to more off-site adoption evens, foster programs, and much more. 

2. Multnomah County Animal Services - Oregon: These guys have a really good reputation in the Pacific Northwest and have been one of the best at finding transfers for animals to different community partners such as private shelters, rescue groups, and private foster homes. 

3. Members of the Metro Denver Shelter Alliance - Colorado: This group is known to have paved the way for a successful model to bring together communities for the animals.

4. Nevada Human Society - Nevada: The NHS success is attributed to a ten step process that includes goals that have helped form the great organization that they have become. They have made quite the difference in their community.

5. Tompkins Country SPCA - New York: This group has come a long way and have received grants that have helped them be more effective in their mission. Their mentality shows in their work: "good for people, good for animals, and good for the planet".

Many people think about getting a new friend all the time. Finding a good group is not always easy so make sure their mission is on the right track and getting a new friend from them will help support them and a better planet. 


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