Kiwi Businessman Is Helping A Lot To People In New Zealand

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Recently we have ready many stories about entrepreneurs who have donated a lot to developing countries. Not only are the wealthiest helping out but also medium sized business owners, families and successful individuals that have some extra to spare. The trend of philanthropy can be seen all over the world but most notably we came across a story about a very generous Kiwi businessman who is helping not people in his own country. From an interview earlier this year he states that “while there is a lot of good work happening overseas in areas where I believe it is needed most, there has been a lapse in helping the people who are struggling in already wealthy countries. I understand New Zealand is a prosperous nation but that does not mean that there are not families that are living day to day. I wish to help everyday people and help them succeed in their ambitions and future.”

Building a network of real estate across the country, Mr Neils once started as a small property developer but has risen to be one of the more successful Kiwis. In a kind-hearted act, Mr Neils has decided to gift over 50 million dollars to help develop and improve the infrastructure at the Wellington children's hospital. Working closely with the health board he proposes to build a facility that would include 50 new rooms, as well as rec rooms, family space and areas for staff. It will be one of the biggest projects relying only on donations and is estimated to be over 7000 square meters when finished. This has created debates as to why it is necessary for gifts to be needed in order to upgrade the paediatric society. This renovation is scheduled to be completed in 2022 and will be an improvement in the development of children all across New Zealand. “By focusing on our youth programs we guarantee the future success of our nation. When children are healthy and educated they can achieve great things and live out their potential” stated Mr Neils.

Hopefully with messages like these we can continue the development of people across the globe and build a sustainable present and future. If you wish to read more stories, blogs and articles, submit your email below. All subscribers receive amazing discounts at our store so be sure to check that out for great products. Give what you can!

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