Irish Entrepreneur Donates Part Of His Fortune To Charity

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An Irish entrepreneur who had a life-saving treatment to treat a stroke has donated part of his fortune to a charity.

Following life-saving treatment for a stroke he had last year, along with assistance from his family, the Irish entrepreneur who wishes to stay anonymous has donated to The National Brain Appeal for a new aphasia service. The service will be designed to help people that have speech difficulties which resulted from stroke and brain injuries.

He spent months recovering from the stroke, spending a lot of time in hospitals and places for rehab. He needed assistance in re-learning how to walk and talk. Finally he was allowed to go home at the end of November last year.

“I had fantastic care at The National Hospital and I am delighted that we as a family are able to support The National Brain Appeal. Having experienced difficulties with speech and language after my stroke, I can see how good the new aphasia service will be for patients. I feel very positive about how it could help people,” he said.

The family’s significant donation will go towards helping The National Brain Appeal reach its goals to raise enough funds for a new aphasia service. Consultant neurologist Professor Alexander Leff, who will be in charge of the service, said that about 53,000 adults in the UK suffer post-stroke aphasia requiring speech and language therapy each year.

The National Brain Appeal, stated: “The National Brain Appeal’s Aphasia Service is going to make such a difference to stroke and brain injury patients who are struggling with speech. We are so grateful to everyone who gave donations to help these patients get the intense rehabilitation that they need.”

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