Indian Entrepreneur is Donating Everything To Help Normal People

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The biggest donation in the nations history has recently being made by the countries second wealthiest man. The self made tech billionaire named Azim Premji has gifted over 20 billion dollars that was generated by his software fire to help tackle to ever growing divide between rich and poor in India. The successful business tycoon has built his father's humble vegetable oil company into one of the planets greatest software firm and as a result of this an incredible charitable foundation that has dealt with disadvantaged people across the nation for over a decade.

Working directly with the education and skill development of India's youth he has helped over 150 no profit organisations that deal with grants, support, aid and counselling for children to give them the best possible chance for success. He became the first Indian to sign the famous giving pledge and has inspired hundreds of others to follow in his footsteps. Indian has been a developing nation ever since its independence in 1947 and as a result has a very classist structure which means its giant population has millions of people in need of assistance. His foundation has progressively been scaling up and this large donation will secure over 1,600 new student grants, which essentially triples the program.

Based mainly in Bengaluru formerly known as Bangalore the university there will benefit immensely with over 400 new members of staff to be employed directly from this donation. In a interview Mr Premji said that “The visibly wealthy and the newly wealth in India are clearly not as generous as the wealth in America, I hope that this gesture makes a change”. The Premji Foundation, which is run by carefully selected and considerate board members said that Mr Premji latest gift to launch a new university in northern India and more than triple certain branches of their education workforce. The 73-year-old has certainly proved he’s a generous individual!

Global involvement in philanthropic movements has been growing in speed since the late 1980s and with continued efforts as portrayed by this generous man the fight for economic equality and equality of opportunity will become closer and closer. We hope by publishing this article that more people around the world will help out where they can, whether it is in local communities or are larger national scales there is always room for improvement. At our webpage we have more related stories, so if you enjoyed this one be sure to check out some of our other content. We also have a range of topics from news articles like this one, to opinion blogs and funny stories. We also have a webstore that helps support our blog so please have a look at some of our products and be aware that our subscribes receive exclusive discounts as well as updates on new posts, so don’t forget to add your details to our mailing list below.

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