Guards Discover A Sophisticated Prison Scheme

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Cell phones being smuggled into prisons have caused numerous amounts of problems in the correctional facilities. Undocumented cell phones allow inmates to hatch sophisticated plans and enable them to organise a various array of criminal activity. Devices snuck in by visitors or prison staff are a problem at lockups across the nation. A prison in Northern Netherlands has dealt with a disturbing number of confiscated phones that allowed for prisoners to concoct both an elaborate escape attempt, along with outside operations. Prison officers have found and taken one phone for every three inmates, the highest rate in the country’s history.


Cell phones were introduced into the prison system as a means to great positive incentive for the inmates. Inmates would be granted closely monitored and documented mobile phone devices so that they could be used to call loved ones, however recently the influx of devices has allowed them to be used for nefarious reasons.


"Most of these guys are just chit chatting with their girlfriends, but some of these guys are stone-hardened criminals running criminal enterprises," stated a prison official.


An investigation began after the uncovering of over 100 undocumented phones, which held over 10,000 text messages related to criminal behaviour. The investigation found that dozens of former and current corrections officers and inmates were involved in the sophisticated smuggling scheme. Operations within the Dutch prison have since tightened up and calls for stricter inmate control have been raised.


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