Girl Dumped Her Man For Watching Too Much Football, His Response Is Unforgettable.

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This story might be as silly as that title makes it appear. It depicts a problem that may face many couples around football season and that is when the television becomes the priority rather than the relationship. This is a personal account from Tom who gave a relatively in-depth account of what happened to his relationship due to his fandom of football.

“It has always been a problem for her” stated Tom.  “I'm wasn’t even the kind of guy that spend all his time watching 5 matches in a row and not doing anything else, for me it was always balanced. I only ever went to the stadium with my friends to watch my team play (which I have supported since I could walk) occasionally because she didn’t like me leaving her every other weekend so I decided to watch the games on the TV so she could be around.

We have had arguments about this in the past as she claims that I am more into football than I am her, which quite frankly is far from the truth for a lot of reasons. I would never put my relationship in danger for something I can watch a replay of. I cannot replay my life with her and I valued it more than anything.

The straw finally broke one evening when I sat down to watch my team play and she decided to throw the remote in the trash. She screamed her mom was visiting tomorrow so we needed to clean the house and she is tired of me watching football. I watch a game once a week at most. She seems to feel that it is ok to watch countless hours of Netflix though. This was such a childish action so I told her that and instantly without a seconds thought she screamed. “Its over! It’s me or football”.

She clearly did not think this through as we live together and that the TV is mine so the very next day I made the easiest decision of my life and moved out and took the TV with me. No more watching Netflix for her I guess.

Relationships can be tricky, especially when there is a lack of communication. When watching TV together be open about what you want to watch and be fair about time.

When she says “too much football” then give her a chance to have the television for an equal amount of time. In his guy's story proves there's no such thing as "too much football" if she is watching Netflix all the time. If you and your spouse need a TV agreement, here's what you can do: Consider a trade-off. "Say, 'one weekend we'll do this, and another we'll do that — or we'll watch my shows for an hour, then your shows for an hour,'" suggests Masini a life coach. "Easy, as long as both parties are willing."


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