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Among Australia's philanthropists, there are some well-known names of business and many of these generous people have influenced the general public into helping people that are less fortunate. While there are many collectively there are a few that stand out, the people who have not given only gifts, but also give their time and energy to helping others. When it comes to setting up foundations and revolutionary projects across the world and on home soil, there is one particular businessman who stays in the limelight. Over the course of his lifetime he has donated hundreds of millions to causes such as hospitals, medical research, education and the arts, so who is this man?

The mystery businessman prefers to remain anonymous so that he can focus entirely on business and charitable projects, rather than be distracted with all the extra stuff that comes with being in the limelight. While he has given interviews and made generous proclamations in public we have decided to just share some of his work that has helped thousands of Australians. Stating that the Giving Australia 2015 was a key piece of legislation that was passed, as it gives more insight on why people give and focuses on the importance of these projects, this businessman helped change the way in which most philanthropists operate. There seems to be more of a structured way in which the elite are able to make donations. This businessman dedicates much of his time helping the disadvantaged and improving education in remote communities all over the country for the past 15 years. It is estimated that the company has gifted almost $250 million to directly help with the construction of schools, apprentice programs and the hiring of staff and skilled tutors for people in these communities. One of the largest donations ever recorded was 50 million to help the Indigenous Health Network which deals with people living in more remote areas.

Focusing on education can set up the next generation to build and develop a better future for everyone all over the world. We can already see the benefits of international efforts to help the poor, but it is always important to focus at home and make sure that you help the people around you first. “By working together we can truly make a change worth noticing”.

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